Did you know that only 50 percent of foster youth graduate High School, 2-9 percent graduate from college and 40 percent of foster youth that age out of the system go homeless? Thats why we have created programs specifically designed to help encourage and support our countries Foster Youth while they attend school, so they can earn a degree and succeed through education. Please help us help these resilient and amazing kids by supporting our programs. Together we can make a positive difference in their lives and show them that their lives matter.

Each semester parents send their college children a care package to show them how much they are missed at home. Sadly very few foster youth receive them. That is why we have created the Anna Cares program. Each semester, holiday and birthday, those in foster care  who attend college and sign up for our program will receive a care package, a holiday treat and a birthday card from us. We want them to know they are just as special and loved as their peers and that their life matters. Our care packages include, but are not limited too: Personal care items, First Aid supplies, School supplies, Gift cards and Snacks.

Since this is a new program, we rely on donations from our donors and corporate sponsors to help fulfill each package.  To become a corporate sponsor please visit our contact page . To make a tax deductible donation please click on our donation button. Thank you for your generosity and kindness. 


Anna Gaudioso-Forlenza

11.30.1924 - 7.21.2013


Many foster youth who attend college spend a majority of their time worrying about becoming homeless, when they should be focusing on their classes and enjoying their campus life. Unfortunately for them, a majority of colleges around the country do not offer year round housing to their students. So while regular students with families get to go home and spend holidays and summer breaks with the ones they love, these kids have no where to go and are at risk of ending up on the streets. With this program we can help foster youth college students find a safe place to live during their breaks, a place they rest their head and consider home. 

Since this is a new program, we rely heavily on donations and corporate sponsors. To become a corporate sponsor please visit our contact page . 

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